Internet tips

Think before you post!

Think about what kind of information you share about yourself on the Internet. Keep passwords only to yourself.

Be wise!

Remember, that the information on the Internet is not always reliable. Compare the data you find with other sources or ask your parents and teachers for advice.

Be alert!

Opening letters, messages, documents, photos or videos sent by strangers can be dangerous – they might contain viruses, be illegal or not appropriate for your age.

Think about things!

People are not always who they claim to be. Meeting an online-friend in the real world has to be well thought out – only do it if your parents allow it and bring a friend with you. Choose a public place to meet at.

Stand up for yourself!

If you see or hear something that bothers you on the Internet, do not keep it to yourself – talk to someone you trust.

You can also ask help from:

Child Advice Phone 116111